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The latest news on health care and prevention

Guide to completing a sporting challenge such as the Trailwalker

Before starting to do sport or signing up in a sports competition, you should make sure that your body is in order and that your training is appropriate for your physical condition and the sporting objectives that you want to achieve.

Risks of a middle-age spread or a beer belly

The so-called middle-age spread that usually appears with age and with a sedentary lifestyle hides more risks than what it seems.

Transmissible infections from mother to son during pregnancy

The transmission of infections from mother to son can happen in the uterus (congenital), at the time of childbirth (perinatal) or after childbirth (postnatal), as can happen during breastfeeding.

DKV Health insurance

DKV wants you to take care of your health. That is why our health insurance gives you what you need: a comprehensive medical directory so that you can choose the most appropriate specialist for you, clinics and hospitals close to you, dental insurance with big discounts and free for young ones, among many other coverages. We offer you all the advantages of private healthcare to ensure you have piece of mind with insurance such as DKV Integral.
But as well as these coverages that we give you as medical insurance, we have many other services to look after your health and your family's health, such as our Prevention plans, or the Vive la salud blog containing information regarding healthy habits. Because DKV Seguros offers the support and resources you need to prevent disease, through our wide network of offices and consultancies employing over 2,000 people.
And, as always, we want to make things easier, as well as being specialised in heath insurance, we provide you with other services such as Medical Helplines, so that you can make queries in the most comfortable way possible, or the Health and Wellbeing Club, through which you can access a range of benefits, such as discounts on plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine, as well as in spas, gyms, etc. Because we like you to take care of your health and we want to help you.
DKV is a company which focuses on people and society, and which is also committed to sustainable development. Another reason that makes us, as a company offering health insurance policies, we are positioned among the highest rankings of insurers in Spain, and have the support of one of the most reputable international insurance groups, Munich Re.