Discover features of our apps that'll make your life easier

Medical directory app

With the "DKV Seguros Médicos" app from our medical team you'll have access to:

  • Online access to your DKV cards, and those of the other policyholders who are minors.
  • Search for doctors, associated centres, and DKV Healthcare Centres. Now listing the nearest doctors and centres, by postcode or town or city!
  • Find your nearest branch.
  • Check your policy information.
  • Keep current on special promotions.
  • With a notification service, and now also get access to other apps from the company.
  • And also... Sign in using your fingerprint!



The "expenses refund" app gives you the option to:

  • Request refunds quickly and efficiently from your mobile phone. Just take a photograph of your receipt!
  • Check status of refunds requested.