DKV Dentisalud

Dental insurance

Because I like to laugh. Children under 14 free when included with an adult.
DKV Dentisalud

Numerous free dental treatments at prices well below market

A wide network with over 1,500 prestigious dentists.

Two categories:
  • Serious dental accident coverage.
  • Cost-free services: cleanings, x-rays, fluoride, etc.
  • No health statement.
  • No age-based differences.

Preventive dental care

Application of gel, fluoride, cleaning, sealing.

Conservative dentistry

Fillings, root canals...

Medical dentistry

Hygiene, checkups, periodontal curettage.

Dental aesthetic

Whitening, ceramic veneers, etc...

Orthodontic treatment

Study, diagnosis and application of oral accessories for children and adults.

Application of prostheses

Fixed or removable.

At DKV we strive to make a better world

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