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Medical directory health insurance

A health insurance to protect what's most valuable for you: the well-being of your family, guaranteeing the best health care and the personalised service you expect to receive when you visit a doctor or walk into a clinic.

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DKV Integral, medical directory copay insurance

Network of doctors and clinics

Access to the DKV medical directory with over 30,000 healthcare professionals and 1,000 medical centres.

General medicine

ER, paediatrics, ambulance, check-ups, analysis, etc.

All specialities

Cardiovascular, oncology, digestive system, traumatology, etc.

Optional module of reimbursement for gynaecology and paediatrics (in individual category)

Free choice of gynaecologists, obstetricians or paediatricians anywhere in the world, even when they are not part of the DKV medical directory.    

FREE dental service.

With free of charge treatment and other discounts.

Discounts for families

7% for four insured parties.
12% for 5 or more policy holders.

We help you implement healthy habits

To improve your quality of life and prevent illness.

Daily compensation for hospitalisation

Up to 2,400 euros/year.

Worldwide medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

The most extensive coverage on the market.

Different categories, different copayments. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


DKV Integral Complet

GP appointment: 12 euro copayment.


DKV Integral Plus

GP appointment:
6 euro copayment.


DKV Integral Classic

GP appointment: 1.5 euro copayment.


DKV Integral Élite

Medical insurance without appointment copays.

Consult copayments by category

The maximum co-payment per policyholder/year is 600 euros.

Responsible Company

At DKV we strive to make a better world

We carry out activities aimed at the health and well-being of our policyholders, professionals, colleagues and society in general. Responsible management that adds value to our society and the environment and enables the company to grow in a sustainable fashion.

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