DKV Integralia Foundation

Created by DKV to facilitate the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities

DKV Integralia Foundation
One of DKV's greatest projects was the setting up and launch of the DKV Integralia Foundation. The aim of this non-profit organisation is to promote integration and employment for disabled people.

The Foundation's first major project was the opening of a Contact Centre, the first in Europe run exclusively by disabled people. The employees of DKV Integralia Foundation are disabled. The Foundation was created thanks to DKV's commitment to CSR and the company's desire to combine economic development with sustainable growth and, above all, help to build a fairer society.

With DKV Integralia Foundation, DKV Seguros has become the number one Spanish company in terms of the percentage of employees with disabilities in its workforce (about 22%) and has received the SERES Award for Company Innovation and Social Commitment, which was granted for the first time by the SERES Sociedad y Empresa Responsable Foundation.

A little history
The Foundation was set up in February 2000 in El Prat de Llobregat with nine employees. In 2006, DKV Integralia also began operating in Madrid, where it renovated and expanded its facilities.

In 2008, it expanded with two new sites: an occupational training centre in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) and a centre in Dénia (Alicante) for providing services to Marina Salud, the organisation responsible for managing Dénia Hospital. Bilbao is the latest city to join the project. It expanded to Latin America and now has over 50 employees working in its centre in Peru.

Currently, 226 people have professional careers thanks to this organisation's work, and 80 have been hired by mainstream companies through its professional and social inclusion programmes.

The Integralia School
The Integralia School offers telemarketing courses specialising in banking, insurance and sales; it created jobs for 43 people in 2013. The DKV Integralia digital marketing school works to create employment opportunities for disabled people by teaching SEO, SEM, SMM and Content Marketing techniques.

These skills permit the generation of business by improving visibility, popularity and quality content.