DKV Integralia Foundation

Created by DKV to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities.

The DKV Integralia Foundation is a nonprofit organisation founded by DKV Seguros. Its mission is to promote inclusion and employment for people with disabilities. With this in mind, the foundation has established a number of call centers so they respond to customers, coordinate the appointments schedule and carry out satisfaction surveys.

It was launched in 1999, and currently employs more than 260 people, most with severe physical disabilities. 

The Foundation has grown in business activity and in clients, making it possible to expand the worksites. The Madrid centre has taken on clients like Banesto, DAS, Fujitsu and Banco Espirito Santo, which has enabled the Foundation to keep the staff intact during a difficult year.

The Integralia headquarters in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) employs more than 170 people. Since it was founded in November 1999, the foundation has received numerous national awards and honours, especially for its commitment to the social inclusion of people with disabilities. In 2007, according to Spain's Empresa y Sociedad foundation, this model of inclusion places DKV among the Spanish companies with the highest percentage of employees with disabilities.
School Integralia is starting to bear fruit, with 113 students in eight Telemarketing courses specialising in banking, insurance and sales; it created jobs for 43 people in 2013.

The foundation extends to Latin America and has successfully integrated its methodology. More than 50 people work in the centre in Peru.

The foundation has established the foundations of a modern DKV with the Integralia foundation, effective and efficient, for new challenges and a clear commitment to exporting the model with its three main objectives::
  • the inclusion of people with disabilities into the business sector,
  • the sustainability of the Special Employment Centres through the training and professional development of its employees,
  • and raising awareness in the business sector.