Ethical and sustainable management

Endorsed by independent certificates

We are the first insurer to obtain the Ethical and Socially Responsible Management Certificate under the Forética SGE21 Standard.

Ethical Commitments Guidelines

Our Ethical Commitments Statute is the framework that directs DKV's work with the varied external public, with which the company interacts in accordance with its corporate values.

They are addressed to customers, healthcare professionals, brokers and partners, suppliers of general insurance services, general service suppliers and society: communities where we operate, non-profit companies, the regulatory environment, the public sector, governments and political parties, the insurance sector and the communications media.

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Code of Conduct for employees

This directs DKV's work in accordance with its corporate responsibility and sustainability policy and its corporate values of excellence, teamwork, sustainability, orientation to results, innovation and empathy.

Employee Code of Conduct

Sustainable management

At DKV we have a firm commitment to the environment. Our philosophy is based on sustainability and the rational management of resources. Because we consider that we must all contribute our grain of sand to fight for a better world. More information

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Ethics in DKV

Ethics in DKV is a promoter of professional and corporate excellence, based on people's behaviour and their personal responsibility, which forms part of the evaluation of their professional performance and creates an internal and external framework for cooperation to generate shared and sustainable profits. At DKV we have a system of evaluation, monitoring and improvement of our ethical business management system.
These are its main tools:

1. Person responsible for implementing the Code and the Ethical Commitments Guidelines, charged with facilitating internal and external medication as well as tools for training and consciousness-raising regarding both documents and the Ethical Management System.

2. Ethical Consultant, whose function is to solve any doubts on ethical conduct or the application of the Code and the Statute. In addition, he/she takes charge of identifying problem areas and making recommendations for changes in policies or procedures.

3. Internal Committee, composed of the Directors of Human Resources, Communication and Corporate Responsibility, Internal Auditing and Legal Advice to analyse the updates of the Code of Conduct and of the Statute of Ethical Commitments.

4. Open Dialogue Forum, a place for meeting and debate with the representatives of our interest groups to establish the culture of dialogue and active listening at the strategic and operational level. It consists of 9 external representatives of various interest groups and 2 internal representatives: the Managing Director and the Director of Communication and Corporate Responsibility. An annual meeting is held.
The mission of this Forum is:
  • To evaluate and discuss any strategic dilemmas that may emerge.
  • To contribute to innovation in the search for solutions to the challenges faced in everyday management.
  • To advance in the construction of an open company.
5. As a communication channel for incidents or complaints. It's an external and independent means for communicating and resolving incidents or complaints.

Munich Re complaints websiteMunich Re complaints website

6. Internal Auditing. At DKV, we carry out an annual internal audit in accordance with Ethical Management Standard SGE21 which is coordinated by the Quality Management and Communication Departments.

Ethical Management System

Financial management transparency

DKV Seguros and six of its products hold the EthSi certificate from the Observatory of Ethical Finances of the Catalan association FETS (Finançament Étic Solidari). For seven consecutive years, DKV has renewed this certificate, which accredits financial management transparency and ethical conduct towards the company's public, and towards society and the environment. As well as the company, the insurance products that hold the EthSi certificate are: DKV Integral Sin Barreras, DKV Integral, ERGO Hogar, ERGO Protección Familiar, ERGO Ecofuneral and ERGO EcoHogar.