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The Corporate Report includes the company's economic, social and environmental results along with the most outstanding activities during the year aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
DKV Sustainability Reports
One of our commitments to our different audiences is the transparency of management, values ​​and commitments. One of the channels designed for this is our annual Sustainability Report, a paper and on-line publication in which we report on our company policy, our economic performance, the launch of new products and ways of working with our customers, employees, brokers and suppliers.


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In 2015

  • Our commitment to responsible growth has resulted in solid income, 710 million euros, representing an increase of 3.5% against 2014.
  • 8.4 of overall satisfaction with our insurance products and an excellent reputation among our clients, according to RepTrak.
  • DKV is also the most highly valued Health insurance company thanks to the quality of its service, according to the ADECOSE Barometer (leading Spanish association of professional insurance brokers).
  • The company headquarters, the DKV Tower in Zaragoza, has obtained the LEED Gold certification in the CI (Commercial Interiors) category for the improvement of interiors, having exceeding the requirements established by the Building Certification Institute.
  • The DKV Health Areas, the first chain of clinics to receive double certification in Quality, in accordance with the ISO 9001 and UNE 179001 (dental services). The ISO 9001 demonstrates the capacity of the centres to provide a service that satisfies client requirements, with a commitment of continuous improvement. The UNE 179001 certifies the quality in aspects related to the organisation of the centre, its facilities and equipment, the training and qualifications of the professionals who work there, and the processes directly related to healthcare.
  • Seventh year in Best Workplaces, with a special award for Work/Family balance.
  • We encourage an open and participative relationship with our interest groups. A good example are the 26 workshops on clear language, the launch of the II Dialogue Forum with interest groups and Un millón de sonrisas, which informs all clients about the social projects in which DKV is collaborating and invites the to participate.
  • The DKV Integralia Foundation has fulfilled 15 years of work in the labour integration of people with disabilities and benefiting over 1,800 people. For this reason, we hare launching the documentary “I Choose to Work”.
2015 Corporate Report

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