Network-affiliated doctors and health care centres

The best offer in the country and with more branches than the competition

According to a comparative study of the medical directories
published on the websites of the six largest health insurance companies.

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Moreover, just for registering you can save your favourite doctors, assess the service and care and find out the opinions of other users.
  • 30,000 healthcare workers.
  • 1,000 authorised healthcare centres.
  • Across the country.
  • International services and affiliated networks.
  • Accredited quality of the professionals. 
  • The most innovative technology.

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DKV Medicine and Solidarity Prize

Fourth DKV Medicine and Solidarity Prize

Our award to the most committed practitioners and healthcare companies.

Responsible company

At DKV we strive to make a better world

We carry out activities aimed at the health and well-being of our policyholders, professionals, colleagues and society in general. Responsible management that adds value to our society and the environment and enables the company to grow in a sustainable fashion.