DKV promotes the digitisation of healthcare

We promote the use of mobile tools for health care

digital health
Health care is being revolutionised with the use of mobile phones and traditional health care is being transformed thanks to the digitisation of services and products and individual health care through the use of mobile tools, such as the Mi Salud al Día platform.

My salud al día is the comprehensive and integrated telehealth platform launched by DKV Seguros. It is the first platform to integrate, in a single space, individual health care and healthy lifestyle functions as well as telehealth tools, such as the user's medical records.
Quiero cuidarme app

Launch of the Quiero cuidarme app

We will help you to track and monitor your health and show you how to improve it.

Celebration of the Health4Good event in Zaragoza

An ideas contest to promote talent in the field of digital health.