We are expanding our coverage and services so that you can take even better care of your health

New Services 2017

More coverage, services and improvements in processing for old and new individual clients.
DKV Seguros New Services 2017

We are expanding our coverages relating to hospitalisation and surgery

  • Surgical prostheses without limits, except cardiovascular.
  • Inclusion of artificial disc replacement material. 
  • Guided prostate biopsy with multi-parametric magnetic resonance: new technique to detect small neoplastic lesions in the prostate in cases of high clinical suspicion of hidden prostate cancer, with persistent elevated PSA and previous ultrasound-guided prostate biopsies that have come back negative.
  • Robotic surgery for localised or confined prostate cancer with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, for DKV Mundisalud policy holders.
  • Increase to 80 EUR in daily compensation up to a maximum limit of 2,400 EUR per policy holder per year.

Extension of speech therapy coverage

For the treatment of speech disorders and language acquisition problems in children, as well as treatment for speech alteration or loss in adults due to stroke, with a maximum number of annual sessions.

New types of radiotherapy for cancer treatment

  1. Intracranial fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy.
  2. Volumetric modulated arc therapy.
  3. Extracranial or body fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy and image-guided volumetric modulated arc therapy.

The latest in diagnostics technology

UroTAC or multislice computed tomography (3D) of the urinary tracts: minimally-invasive diagnosis method that allows for high-resolution images to be obtained, as well as a three-dimensional reconstruction of the urinary tract.