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DKV, experts in health promotion and prevention

Health depends not only on a medical checkup; it's an attitude, a way of feeling and of living positively. This is why we actively work to promote good habits and encourage behaviours that let you make the most out of life.

We offer preventive medicine program  free and remotely, where you'll have the personal attention of a medical professional who will accompany you as on the path to a healthier life. There are thirteen different programmes; choose yours!

Also coming very soon to your private area is a section where you'll be able to keep your health a details updatedby storing the information and documents like laboratory tests or X-rays, and have them available when and where you need them.


At DKV we care that you're healthy

Prevention plans

Prevention plans

Preventive care programme.

Vive la Salud blog

Health and well-being news

All about health and prevention in our Vive la Salud blog.

24-Hour DKV Physician

24-Hour DKV Physician

Remote medical advice.

DKV Healthcare Centres

DKV Health spaces

Our own medical and dental centres, with the latest technology.