The best medical insurance for expatriates

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Your health and your family deserve, at all times and in all places, the best service. Especially if you live and work for long periods of time abroad.
It is reassuring to know that someone brings you their knowledge and experience and will always be at your side. Someone who knows the health systems, local structures and appropriate contact persons in the new country of destination. Someone who paves the way to you reaching your goals, carrying out your plans and fulfilling your dreams.
  • Full coverage in hospital, outpatient and dental insurance.
  • Excellent knowledge of the local market.
  • Coverage for cancer and transplants.
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, multilingual support and fast processing of requests for reimbursements.

With four categories

to suit your needs

You'll have the Globality card

With direct access to a first-class health system

Access to MyGlobalite

A website for managing your own insurance

With a 24-hour telephone hotline.

To recommend doctors and hospitals, make appointments, get medication and ensure a rapid and direct reimbursement of costs.


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