Accident insurance

With DKV Accidentes, you are insuring your peace of mind and that of your family

To provide compensation coverage for any contingencies that may arise. Don't worry. With our accident insurance, you will receive all the help you need.
Accident insurance
  • Accidental death benefit.
  • Compensation for total or partial permanent disability.
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  • Significant compensation capital.
  • Optional medical coverage in case of accident.

Discounts on medical services

Smoking cessation, assisted reproduction and laser refractive surgery.

Significant compensation capital

Optional medical coverage

in case of accident.

Choose when you want your policy to cover you

24 hours, in your professional life, your life outside work or for traffic accidents.

Responsible Company

At DKV we strive to make a better world

We carry out activities aimed at the health and well-being of our policyholders, professionals, colleagues and society in general. Responsible management that adds value to our society and the environment and enables the company to grow in a sustainable fashion.

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