Health insurance
with refund of fees

The freedom of being able to choose

We reimburse your expenses faster than anyone else

In just 7 days!

Including worldwide assistance

In emergencies

Commitment to fast appointments

For diagnostic tests and operations

We won't cancel your policy

if you've been with us for three years

Prevention plans

Free and remote

24-h medical lines

By phone or Internet

Medical fees reimbursement insurance

DKV Mundisalud

Reimbursement of up to 90% of the bill.

Health insurance reimbursement of fees

DKV Top Health

Your most comprehensive health insurance.

DKV Residents

DKV Residents

For foreigners living in Spain.

With our reimbursement health insurance plans, you choose.

If you want complete freedom to choose your doctor or hospital, our reimbursement health insurance plans are the best option. You choose and we reimburse the amount within 7 days, earlier than any other insurance company.

Three reimbursement health insurance plans so you can choose the best plan for your needs

Three options so you can choose the category that offers the best coverage for what you need: with DKV Mundisalud, you will receive reimbursement of up to 90% of your bill, with DKV Top Health, you will have wider insurance coverage than the Social Security and with DKV Residents, foreigner residents in Spain will find their best choice.

And, as we like you to take care of your heath, our reimbursement medical insurance policies include other services such as worldwide assistance in the event of an emergency, the commitment of a fast appointment for diagnostic tests and operations, access to free and remote disease prevention plans and Medical Service 24 hours, so you can carry out your enquiries by phone or on internet.

For all these reasons, we have over 40 million clients in Europe who, through our medical directory health insurance, receive all the necessary services for them to take care of their health.