Medical insurances
Individuals and family members

Designed so that you can also
take good care of your family

More than 40 million clients in Europe place their trust in the DKV Group Health insurance

Commitment to fast appointments

For diagnostic tests or surgical procedures.

Worldwide emergency treatment:

The most extensive cover on the market. Up to €20,000 and stays of 180 days.

Dental service included in the policy

Access to free treatment and other treatment at discounts.

Optional module of free choice in gynaecology and paediatrics

For individual medical directory insurance (not belonging to a group).

Unlimited rehabilitation and physiotherapy from the first day.

Also high-tech diagnosis methods and clinical psychology, also from the first day.

24-Hour DKV Physician - 902 499 799

If you have a symptom that worries you or any doubts about medication, ask a 24-Hour DKV Physician.
medical directory insurance copay

DKV Integral

30,000 health professionals and 1,000 authorised centres.

Personalised health insurance

DKV Modular

Choose just what you need.

DKV Reimbursement health insurance

DKV Mundisalud

You are free to choose your practitioner. We refund the fees.

reimbursement medical insurance 100

DKV Top Health

A more comprehensive health insurance than the Social Security.

health insurance without age limit

DKV Selección

The only insurance on the market with no age limit.

DKV Residents

DKV Residents

For foreigners living in Spain.