Network-affiliated medical directory health insurance

No expense limit

Network of doctors and clinics

You decide which doctor or centre in our network you wish to go to

Worldwide assistance in case of emergency

The most extensive coverage on the market

FREE dental service.

With free of charge treatment and other discounts

The advantages we offer

Commitment to not cancelling the policy and discounts for family policies

Free peventive medicine programmes

The best way to prevent illness

24-h medical lines

Remote medical advice, by phone or internet

Medical directory insurance with copay

DKV Integral

30,000 medical professionals and 1,000 healthcare centres available.

personalised medical insurance

DKV Modular

Choose your health insurance coverage and pay for only what you need.

Customised health insurance

DKV Profesional

Income protection, health, burials. Get the insurance you need on a single bill.

Our medical directory insurance offers you a large choice

Our network-affiliated medical directory health insurance offers broad coverage at a very competitive price. We offer health insurance plans with primary care, specialists, diagnostics, emergencies, hospitalisation and surgery. We also include travel insurance in the event of an emergency.

You will also be able to choose your physician and medical centre from among a large medical directory of 1,000 centres and 30,000 healthcare professionals throughout Spain, the largest medical directory in the country.

Three categories to choose from
We offer three options so that you can take out medical directory health insurance that covers all your needs: DKV Integral, the health insurance that includes everything, DKV Modular, to choose your medical insurance coverage and only pay for what you need and DKV Selección, a health insurance with no age limit.

You will also be able to enjoy other services.
  • fast appointments for diagnostic tests and operations,
  • free and remote disease prevention plans,
  • 24-Hour DKV Physician by phone or internet.
For all these reasons, we have over 40 million clients in Europe who, through our medical directory health insurance, receive all the necessary services for them to take care of their health.