Where are my data? cuentan con medidas de seguridad?


Your data are held in our servers at Torre DKV in Zaragoza, in a data centre (DPC) that has been designed complying with the strictest security measures included in the TIA-942 Standard and in a building with renowned certifications, such as the LEED for sustainability, accessibility and energy efficiency guarantees. Our DPC features RiMatrix technology by Rittal and has achieved power savings of approximately 30%, compared to a traditional DPC solution, with a PUE value oscillating between 1.20 and 1.35; this means that our DPC, in addition to being secure, is environmentally friendly.  

We have replicated your data to guarantee their availability in another contingency centre located at a sufficient distance so it is not exposed to the same business continuity risk as the primary centre, and we have also replicated certain services in our IPS supplier, called Arsys. We also hold certain data of yours at the private cloud Microsoft Azure, located in the Western European region, which has been certified by the Spanish Data Protection Agency as a secure cloud in terms of privacy and security. In certain projects, we store your data in other cloud models, always certified as GDPR Compliant, through partners with extensive experience. 

Besides our infrastructure, we apply data access controls, have implemented security policies and passwords that comply with maximum complexity criteria, conduct cyber security audits, have perimeter protection systems, correlate events to detect threats and prevent infections, have incident management procedures in place, have technical staff certified in ethical hacking that check the strength of our security systems, etc.