Which are my privacy rights?


You have the right to know and to receive an answer from us regarding if we hold any data of yours. If we are holding any, you have the right to know how we obtained them if you are not aware of providing them yourself, for what reason we have them and for how long we will hold them, to which categories of recipients we transfer them too, and if we have carried out any international transfers and to which countries if they are outside the European Union.

You also have the right to know about all your basic data or data arising from your activity with us, except to those inferred in our database; receive a copy of them or to send them to whoever you ask, under your responsibility; to rectify them; limit their use for the purposes you decide; oppose their processing in certain conditions or inform you about the consequences if we fulfil your request; and finally delete them when the time periods have expired.

Lastly, if a very serious security incident were to occur in which there is data of yours that could severely affect your privacy, we will inform you of such incident and about the different measures we have adopted to resolve the incident as quickly as possible.