Behind every call, every visit, every email answered by DKV Seguros, is a person

DKV Integralia Foundation, a centre staffed only by disabled people


Great professionals

Behind every call, every enquiry, and every email from DKV Seguros is a person from the DKV Integralia Foundation, perfectly trained to give you the appropriate response, to provide you with information and to handle any formality or query.

The vast majority are young people with significant disabilities, spinal injuries and degenerative diseases: they have all received extensive training and are 100% committed to excellent work. They don't just listen: they strive to serve you with a personalised, approachable, safe, fast, agile and reliable response.

Empathy and sensitivity

Our telesales people have a special attitude with customers. They empathise quickly, put themselves in your place and observe the situation from your point of view, contributing an added value of emotional warmth and sensitivity.

94% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the attention received. The ISO 9001/2008 quality certification guarantees the quality, reliability and excellence of our service.

DKV's great social project

The DKV Integralia Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides training and social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. It was born out of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility and has made us the Spanish company with the largest proportion of employees with disabilities: 22% of the staff.

A service with a great future

  • Current staff: 322 people.
  • More than 1,500 people benefitted in 15 years.
  • Employment inclusion has been facilitated for over 900 people.
  • Total activity: 3,500,000 contacts.
  • Average percentage of effectiveness: 93%.
  • Quality Award from the Catalonian regional government.
  • Number one healthcare company in electronic response quality.
  • Other customers: Oxfam Intermón, Unilever España, Novartis Pharma, Europ Assistance, Mútua de Terrassa, Vueling, Reparalia… and a large number of hospitals, to mention just a few.

Find out who is assisting you when you call DKV

Javier of Oña

Deputy director of the DKV Integralia Foundation


"Hi. I'm Javier de Oña, Deputy Director of the DKV Integralia Foundation and Director of Operations for the seven centres that the Foundation has nationwide. Each year we respond to some one million calls from DKV Seguros customers.

I'm one of the nine people who participated in the foundation's establishment in 2000. For me it was a job opportunity, but also an opportunity to reinvent myself after having a car accident at the age of 25.

I started at DKV Integralia Foundation as an operator and, little by little, I worked my way up. supervisor, head of training, centre director...up to deputy director. Since 2013, I've also been combining my job as deputy director with the position of Director of Operations."

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Josep Rodríguez

Director of the centre of El Prat


"Hi. I'm Josep Rodríguez, Director of the centre in El Prat and Supervisor of the DKV Seguros sales team. I'm proud to feel like part of this team that makes it possible that makes it possible for the customers' level of satisfaction to surpass 90%.

My career at the DKV Integralia Foundation began in 2001, as an operator. In 2004, I became a DKV Seguros customer services supervisor and, in 2008, the DKV Seguros sales team supervisor. In 2013, I was promoted to the position of director at the centre in Barcelona, ​​in addition to my role as the DKV Seguros sales team supervisor.

For me, the DKV Integralia Foundation marked a radical change in both my professional and personal lives because it's brought me stability and well-being and offered me the opportunity to break down barriers and live a normal life."

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María Arjonilla

Supervisor and Head of DKV Seguros Services


"Hi. I'm Mari Arjonilla, Supervisor and Head of DKV Seguros Services. Altogether, there're 87 operators, six coordinators and one supervisor taking calls from the customers.

I started out at the foundation in 2001 as a telephone operator, and I worked my way up to supervisor and coordinator of DKV Seguros. Integralia has been, and is, an important part of my life.

Professionally, it has made me feel respected, and personally, I consider the foundation to be my second family, an environment where I feel supported and cared for."

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Javier Romero

DKV commercial operator


"I'm Javier Romero, and I work as an operator in DKV's sales department, answering calls from customers and explaining our products and advantages in case they're interested. Among the services we provide are authorisations, information on coverage, duplicate cards, copies of policies, general information, and so on.

I started working in the DKV Integralia Foundation in November 2002 in DKV's customer service. Four months later, I transferred to DKV's sales department.

Working at Integralia has changed my life: besides learning a lot and enriching my career, this is where I met my wife."

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