We help you use your policy

Being a DKV customer means that you will be protected everywhere, at all times and in any way you choose.



When can you start to use your insurance?

You can use your insurance once your contract is signed and a copy has been sent to DKV. This exists specifically so you can use it at any time you need to.

Nevertheless, remember that there are some very specific exceptions in exceptional cases: These are called grace periods (or waiting periods). Services/provisions that are subject to waiting periods: Surgical operations and hospitalisation, including surgical prostheses for any reason or of any nature, which will have a waiting period of six months, except in the case of a threatening emergency or an accident.

Any form of birth (including premature birth) or cesarian, whereby the waiting period will be eight months.

Where can you use your policy?

In your town

There are numerous health professionals and healthcare centres close to you that from part of the DKV network. Learn more about which ones you require, those that are best suited to your needs or preferences, or simply those that are easiest for you and closest to your home.

In your country

DKV has an extensive network of healthcare centres and medical professionals so that you'll have access to our services, wherever you live. In Spain, our welfare network is constituted of 19,000 doctors and 1,200 medical centres.


You can request authorisations over the phone, by calling +34 902 499 499, or fax on +34 902 499 000, on the private section of the website or through any person who presents your card and doctor's request for a test at your DKV Seguros office.

Medical services nearby

There are 3 ways of finding the closest medical centres to you:

  • Telephone: 902 499 499
  • On the website.
  • In any of our branches.














    How you can use your policy

    Go to a medical centre or health professional included in the DKV network of health services:

    • If you wish to arrange a visit with our health professionals. consult our medical directory (also known as the DKV Network of health services). Call and request an appointment for a visitation.
    • Always carry your DKV card with you as they will need to see it, and if you need an authorisation, find out here how to get one.

    In emergencies

    First you should know which medical centres you can go to in the case of an emergency, by consulting the DKV healthcare services network.

    If you can not get to a hospital, call us and we will send a doctor to your house. Through refunding the percentage agreed upon with DKV.

    If your health policy allows this method of use, go to any medical centre or health professional that you choose. Once you have made your visit, request an invoice for the service that has been provided. DKV will pay the amount that was previously agreed upon when you present this invoice.