Taking out and cancelling the insurance

From how to sign up to how to discontinue the service, we explain everything to you along the way


Minimum age for purchasing insurance

You must be of legal age to purchase health insurance (i.e., in order to be the "holder or owner" of the contract), but not to be an insured part or beneficiary. So if you have children or other minors in your charge, you can take out a policy whenever you like.

You can also insure a minor even if they're not your legal responsibility, or your parents or legal guardians if you wish.

UNESPA Certifications

Informative note prior to taking out DKV Integral health insurance

Its objective is to provide information relating to insurance coverage before taking out the policy, with a view to help the customer to better understand its main features.

DKV Integral Note 

DKV Mundisalud Note

Maximum age for purchasing insurance

We have extended the contracting ages of individual health insurances. There are now:

  • For medical directory and reimbursement insurance policies, 70.
  • At DKV Residentes at 75.

How to unsubscribe

Any policyholder who wishes to request cancellation must do so in writing at least one month before the expiry of the policy. Health insurance policies expire at the end of the calendar year, i.e., 31 December; other policies expire one year from the date the contract enters force.

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The following must be included in the cancellation request:

  • ID number/NIE of the policy holder (valid also scanned if it is sent by email).
  • Policy or card number.
  • Signature of the policyholder.

You may send your application: