What we send to you when you take out an insurance policy

Welcome Pack


What we send to you when you take out an insurance policy

Welcome Pack

When you take out a health insurance policy with DKV, we'll send a welcome pack to your home address. Here you will find the following documents:

General Terms and Conditions

Also called general conditions. In this document you can find all the information regarding your insurance, as well as how to use your policy. Store this in a safe place, as this is where you will find the coverage and limitations that you have agreed on with us.

Special terms and conditions

In this document you'll find terms and conditions specific to your insurance. Foe example, this includes the method of payment (monthly, yearly), whether you have a previous illness that has been excluded, and how many people are covered under your policy.

The insured person's card

This is the card that proves you're a customer of DKV and are insured by them. With this card you will have access to the services that you have taken out with DKV. Always carry it with you as you may need it at any point. It also includes telephone numbers that may be useful to you in the case of an emergency.

Medical directory with healthcare centres and doctors

A book that includes the medical centres and health professionals that are available to you.

Postage-paid addressed envelope

Please put your contract in the envelope after you've signed it and send it to DKV. You do not have to pay anything.

The contract

This is a legal document that obliges the insurer (DKV), through the payment of a premium (insurance price) and in case an event occurs with risk subject to coverage (if what we have insured takes place), to indemnify the damages caused to the insured person (you) within the limitations agreed upon. The general terms and conditions form part of the contract, and this is where the rights and obligations of the insurer (DKV) and the policy holder (you) are laid out. You must sign this contract and hold onto it. Once signed, a copy must be returned to DKV. In order for the contract to be legally binding, it must be signed by all parties participating therein. In the event of insurance, the insurer (DKV) and the policy holder (you).