Fourth DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards, year 2017

Our recognition of the most supportive doctors and institutions


DKV Seguros takes another step forward in its commitment as a socially responsible company and presents this award to people and organisations in the healthcare sector that, apart from their regular professional tasks, also work to support or promote charitable projects, with the aim of improving healthcare conditions among needy communities.

Fourth edition

The fourth edition of the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards was held at the Pignatelli building in Zaragoza. It was attended by over 200 guests, including important figures in Madrid's healthcare and hospital industry.

The awards, worth 10,000 euros, are DKV Seguros' tribute to and recognition of the most supportive health professionals. Financial and media support so they can move forward and become a tool for transforming health.

Prizes Fourth Edition

DKV Professional Award goes to Serortram, and its two promoters, Dr. David Calvo and Dr. Alejandro Muset. For the last four years both doctors have travelled to Angola to provide free treatment and a new chance of life to children and babies with complete or partial obstetric brachial plexus palsy, as well as providing palliative treatments for children with cerebral palsy in deprived communities.

Cirugía en Turkana won the DKV Doctor Award category, in recognition of the great work of healthcare volunteers, awarding the work carried out by a group of medical professionals giving assistance to people in the Turkana region in Kenya. The team has travelled out to the African country on 14 occasions since 2004 to offer assistance with general surgery - they have carried out more than 1,750 operations.

Dr. Adriana Kaplan was awarded the DKV Career Award, which acknowledges the career of a professional or group of professionals who are especially involved in social work related to medicine and health. Dr. Kaplan, who is actually in Africa at the moment, received the award in honour of her more than 30 years in the field of research in medical anthropology and her fight to eradicate female genital mutilation in the countries practising it.

Fundación Recover receives Innovation in Digital Health award once again. This is a new category in the Medicine and Solidarity Awards, recognising projects supporting innovation in e-health for charity projects. The “Health 2.0 Telemedicine Programme: Africa-Spain connected professionals” of the Recover Foundation links African health care professionals with Spanish health care volunteers who provide support in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The jury also gave a special mention to the project presented by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGLOBAL) for the excellent work being carried out by Dr. Oriol Mitjà from a research platform on the island of Lihir (Papua and New Guinea) to identify the best distribution strategy for Azithromycin, after the discovery in 2012 that the antibiotic was a quick, painless and affordable treatment for Yaws.