Healthy company project

We seek to improve the health of our employees and work centres

Being a healthy company and serving as an example for society is the new goal of the Grupo DKV. 


Health promotion is one of the core programs that compose the company's integral prevention and health promotion plan, and DKV Seguros' Healthy Company Project is closely aligned with the corporate strategy represented in the new Viva la Vida ("Long Live Life") programme.

While prevention concentrates on occupational hazards, health promotion rests on collective actions. When occupational health and safety are tackled in an integrated manner, they are considered as health promotion in workplaces.

With this programme, every worker will benefit from personalised recommendations in search for the optimum health level, with the guidance and support of a personal health adviser. Sustainable employability consists in improving productivity at work, decreasing absenteeism and increasing performance capacity.

This new project will help to improve the perception that workers have of their own state of health. Furthermore

Every year this programme analyses areas of activity and establishes new measures:

  • It reduces absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • It improves motivation for achieving goals.
  • It activates the need to socialise, promoting teamwork, and helps to raise personal productivity and satisfaction for good overall performance.

In summary, it improves productivity at work, decreases absenteeism and increases performance capacity.

Free health policy

All of our employees have a free health policy and special rates for their direct relatives.

Social Consultant

By way of our Social Consultant, we can help you in cases of:

  • Severe illnesses.
  • Medical treatments not covered by the Social Security.
  • Journeys outside Spain due to illness.
  • Death of a relative in the first degree.
  • Cases of mental or physical disabilities of employees or their first-degree relatives.
  • Cases of drug addiction, alcoholism, ludopathy, anorexia, bulimia...
  • Serious psychological problems.