Responsible insurance policies

We work to improve our insurance and services

Insurances for senior citizens and for children who are adopted or have Down's syndrome.


Extension to age limit for new insurance policies
We have extended the age limit for new individual health insurance policies (up to 70 years old for medical directory and reimbursement and 75 years old for DKV Residentes insurance). DKV Seguros is the only insurance company that allows people up to the age of 70 to take out health insurance in the medical directory modality.


Adopted children

Adopted minor children are included on the same policy as their parents without pre-existing conditions until a certain age. With the same conditions as a newborn.

Pre-existing conditions

We are the first insurance company that grants insurance to customers with pre-existing illnesses, by means of an additional premium

Life policy clause

We guarantee non-termination of the contract in health policies with more than three years of life.

Clarity in our contracts

In our commitment to clear language, our documents have been reviewed by Spain's Consumers Union, an organisation that certifies that they satisfied with the contract's clarity and transparency.

We insure people with Down's Syndrome

We guarantee complete medical care in DKV's nationwide health services network, including primary care, assistance in and out of hospital, as well as emergencies in national territory, to people with Down's Syndrome and their families.