DKV, a good workplace

10 consecutive years in the ranking and among the top 10 companies in the Best Workplaces in Spain 2018

And we are certified as a Family-Responsible Company.


For gender equality

We have set in motion an Equality Plan supported by all company employees' legal representatives.

Every year this programme analyses areas of activity and establishes new measures:

  • All the reconciliation measures form a basic pillar for promoting and ensuring equality.
  • Our selection policies and processes guarantee that criteria of equality are followed.
  • We gather information in surveys on discrimination and harassment.
  • Subsidy for regulated training to facilitate the increase of training levels and reduce the differences associated with gender and training.
  • Publication of all vacant positions to employees before the external selection process.
  • Inclusion of a section for requesting training for professional development and promotion in the training needs analysis.
  • Study of salary competences by gender.
  • Paid leave from week 37 of pregnancy for expectant mothers. Specific procedure in cases of sexual harassment.
  • Requirement of a report on competences of the persons who conduct assessments in a promotion process.
  • Performance of an annual study of salary differentials due to gender and professional categories, a document that will be sent to every general manager.


Flexibility of timetables, facilities for teleworking, facilities for managing subsidies in the event of having dependent relatives, special timetables for certain family situations, limited work-meeting schedule in order not to lengthen the working day or if someone has to make a return journey to their home, special timetable in the event of problems with children, parents, grandparents, etc.

In addition, in many cases, we improve paid leave conditions: paternity: 18 days (more than established by law) extension of maternity leave in the event of children with illnesses for hospitalisation of parents, children or partner to accompany the doctor to parents who are dependent or suffer a severe illness for professional association meetings to work in solidarity projects for international adoption, our female employees are entitled to paid leave from week 37 of pregnancy to the date of delivery.

Care for the elderly at cost price, childcare costs taken directly from pay for tax saving purposes, internal childcare information, activities for children's holidays, etc.

For a good working atmosphere

A Code of Conduct directs our work according to a policy of corporate responsibility and sustainability and corporate values of excellence, teamwork, orientation to results, innovation and empathy. We provide all of our employees with guidelines for suitable conduct with respect to their treatment of partners and superiors, customers and the general public.

Complaint mechanisms

We create the figure of the ethical consultant so that any employee can approach him/her and in a confidential manner solve and communicate any queries or complaints related to the application of the employees' Code of Conduct and the company's Statute of Ethical Commitments

In addition, the ethical consultant identifies problematic areas and makes recommendations for future changes in policies or procedures. We also have an external independent channel for communicating complaints and claims or incidences related to the fulfilment of the Code and the Statute, always maintaining anonymity.



To stimulate the training and development of our professionals, we also provide:

  • Leave on the day before the examination.
  • Options for training to be included within the working day.