DKV is part of the xAire Project

xAire project launched to measure air pollution around schools in Barcelona

DKV has joined the xAire project, which is backed by the Estació Ciutat (CCCB, ICUB and Ajuntament de Barcelona). The project is Spain's first collective and intergenerational citizen science initiative and it has been set up to calculate levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution around schools.

In the first phase of the initiative, which was launched in February, primary school children, teachers and parents from 18 schools in Barcelona placed 810 air quality sensors throughout the Catalan capital to monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution, as this is currently one of the leading pollutants due to traffic levels and is also one of the pollutants that is most harmful to children's health. Sensors (diffusion tubes) will be installed for a month (until 16 March) and then collected by the same students and teachers and sent to specialist laboratories to analyse the data.  

Barcelona currently has seven permanent measurement stations that collect different types of data, including information on air quality. However, most of these stations have not been placed near schools or areas that are used by families.

That's why the xAire project aims to improve the data collected by these seven stations in order to determine air pollution levels around schools, as several studies have shown that the air quality around schools impacts on children's health.