We are a Zero CO2 company

A firm commitment with the environment.

Our philosophy is based on sustainability and rational management of resources. For this reason, since we began to measure our CO2 emissions in 2004, we have adopted measures to reduce them, and have now achieved a reduction of 81%.

We have achieved it by changing our paper for one which is 97% cleaner, giving our customers their contracts in a single document, with digital publications, more vídeo-conferences and fewer trips, hybrid vehicles for the commercial fleet and buying less contaminating power.

Environmental certificates

ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS, among others.

DKV Ecofuneral

The first death insurance aimed at minimising the environmental impact by using eco-friendly services and components.

DKV EcoHogar

An insurance that in addition to providing the best coverage helps maintain a healthier environment.

New corporate headquarters

An exemplary sustainable building.

We facilitate mobile recycling

You can leave it at any of our branches..

DKV Health and Environment Observatory

A publication on the latest research on the subject.

EKOamigos employees

Employees teach us to be more environmentally friendly.