Volunteers from the health field show solidarity with children with disabilities

The volunteers accompanied 45 young people with disabilities doing sports activities in Granada.

The solidarity activity, organised by the company's Corporate Volunteering team in collaboration with the Sports and Challenges Foundation took place at DKV Group's Health Convention.

On 12 June, 40 health sector partners volunteered working on different activities at a 'solidarity gymkhana' organised by the Sports and Challenges Foundation in Granada.

Four groups of volunteers and young people with disabilities took part, with each team represented by a colour. The teams rotated around the different games: basketball, football, relay, and other popular games. The activity was planned for the young people with disabilities with the aim of strengthening their aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improving balance (especially in the basketball activity), improving muscle tone, and improving and developing coordination, as well as working on laterality and improving flexibility.

For the health sector volunteers, the most significant benefits of the day were: experiencing the various needs of people with disabilities and encouraging the exchange of abilities and experiences. "We don't always realise how privileged we are", said Gabriel Toledo, Director of UMLF. "We need to be aware of the reality around us, and understand that there are people and families out there who need our help and collaboration. And a financial gesture is not enough, direct collaboration makes us play a more active role and brings us closer to the issues others face", said Mónica Holgado, Medical Director for the Seville area. "It would be great to dedicate a couple of hours of time to this type of activity, where everyone can benefit. We're helping society at the same time as growing ourselves" concluded Almudena Monfort, attached to the Directorate General for Health.