Torre DKV, an example of energy efficiency on LaSexta Column

Carlos Martínez, Director of General Services, explained DKV Group's environmental programme.

On Friday, LaSexta Columna debuted "Su cambio climático, gracias" ("Your climate change, thank you"), a programme that offers an in-depth analysis of the effects of global warming and alternatives to climate change. Torre DKV was given as an example as a model company in implementing measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

The programme uses our new corporate headquarters, Torre DKV, as an example, touring the facility and highlighting the significant efforts being made to combat climate change: the environmental programme, the energy efficiency measures that have been implemented and the sustainability of the building, all explained by Carlos Martínez, Director of General Services.

The programme also highlights the healthy stairways for promoting healthy lifestyles among employees, the prioritising of parking spaces for car-poolers, the recycled furniture, the use of water in the toilets and the 15% reduction in the energy bill.