2015, a great year for the DKV Assembly Hall

In May 2014, along with the inauguration of the company's branches in Zaragoza, a multi-purpose hall was created, which is now familiar to everyone. During 2015, the Multi-Purpose Hall staged a several highly successful events, including exhibitions, seminars, activities, book presentations and workshops.



In line with the company's commitment to culture, which promotes innovation and creativity as a value to society, the Multi-Purpose Hall in the DKV Tower is open to the public, and has held several art exhibitions and events related to the area of health.

The Multi-Purpose Hall is one of the central areas in the corporate headquarters. The DKV Group wants to ensure that art has a constant presence in the company's daily activity and that it is enjoyed by employees and visitors alike. With this idea in mind, the company has exhibited works of art from the company's art collection on the ground floor and in the basement. These exhibitions include sculptures, photography, paintings and video art and have turned the general use areas of the building into art galleries with constantly changing exhibits.

To date, five exhibitions have been enjoyed by employees, collaborators, friends and relatives and the general public: “15 years working for a better world ”, “DKV Fresh Art”, “With other eyes”, “Family time, dynamic workshops in the Festival Asalto” and “Health and Environment Observatory. Healthy homes, sustainable buildings”. This exhibition provided a good opportunity for the Hall to house not only an art exhibition but also another set of activities and events such as the Corresponsables seminar, a conference on Organ Donation presented by Dr. Sánchez Miret, a talk on Digital Awareness, the Ekoamigos seminar and an Anti-Smoking seminar.

Thirty two activities have been held in this Hall, with a total of 1,235 attendees, and 18 media channels have reported the events. The activities include seminars on climate change, seminars on child nutrition, a discussion between Gervasio Sánchez and María Mateu, a briefing session on Trailwalker, a guided tour of the Zaragoza Art School, blood donation campaigns, the talk 'Bombay in Action’, APD seminars, the projection of the documentaries 'Gabor’ and 'Students with talent’, a conference on the Kati Fund and the Ana Ferrer Fund, the presentation of the book 'Yo discapacitado’, the workshops 'Habla claro' and several other internal, external, cultural and business events.