181 empleados de DKV regalan sonrisas una vez más por Navidad

The goal of “A smile for Christmas” is to get a smile from children in vulnerable situations. This corporate volunteering initiative was launched in 2014 and aims to make this time of year happier for children by receiving a gift from volunteers. This year's initiative saw the participation of our centres in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Valladolid, El Prat and Valencia

Christmas is always a magical date for young and old alike, however, it is not always a cheerful time for people with limited resources. To tackle this problem, three years ago, DKV's Human Resources Department, through its Corporate Volunteering programme, joined the “A smile for Christmas” initiative promoted by the NGO Cooperación Internacional.

The participating companies place a box containing envelopes next to their Christmas trees. Each envelope contains a cardboard decorative ball for the tree and a Christmas card indicating the name and age of a child for whom an employee can buy a present. Then, the NGO Cooperación Internacional collects and distributes the presents among the various social organisations that work with children at risk of social exclusion. A total of 181 DKV employees took part in the initiative: Zaragoza (53), Barcelona (20), El Prat (31), Madrid (25), Tenerife (17), Valladolid (15) and Valencia (20), helping to achieve the goal set this year by Cooperación Internacional: 9,500 presents. One of the participants, Davinia González, from the Tenerife branch, hopes to be able to “give away many more smiles. And not only for Christmas!”.

Besides giving out toys, the "A smile for Christmas" campaign, launched over 20 years ago, includes a variety of solidarity activities: distribution of food to low-income families, Christmas festivals for the elderly, visits to sick people in hospitals, and free breakfasts for the homeless.

Once again this year, the campaign had an international reach: presents were sent to disadvantaged children in Ivory Coast, El Salvador, the Congo and Peru. You can follow the progress of the nationwide campaign via the hashtag #unaSonrisaporNavidad and on the website www.unasonrisapornavidad.com

Thank you very much for your solidarity!