DKV lanza el libro “Seguros de salud para dummies”

The aim is to position DKV as a company that promotes transparency, clear language in insurance policies, and a greater degree of confidence to its customers and society.

It is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is just as important to know how to look after yourself and understand in detail the types of coverage, services, and tools offered by a private health insurance policy to help us control our health in the best possible way.

When choosing which medical insurance policy to take out, it is important to have a clear understanding of what the sector offers. However, when reviewing an insurance policy, we are often faced with clauses full of technical words, complicated expressions, and confusing small print.

DKV has been committed for many years to clarity and transparency in insurance. Now, going one step further, the company has published the book “Health insurance for dummies” to explain the different terminology and language used in the private health insurance field. This initiative originated from an idea proposed at Idealia and coincides with the objectives of the DKV Clear Language programme.

This book is organised in a clear and simple way. It contains nine chapters divided into several sections making it easy to find information at any time. The book uses colloquial language to explain how to take out insurance, the different types of health insurance, the obligations of a policyholder, how to cancel an insurance policy, and other practical topics.

Copies of the book will be distributed mainly through the business network (branches, the association of brokers, and other institutions in the sector), and will also be given away as Christmas gifts to industry journalists. This handbook also highlights the importance of the private healthcare sector for our economy and employment, as well as its key role in the development of new technologies for healthcare management. The "…for dummies" book collection is aimed at readers of all ages and levels of knowledge who are interested in obtaining information in a professional, direct, and entertaining way.