DKV's "You Decide" matched crowdfunding campaign raises 24,192 euros in its first edition

The funds raised will be destined to finance health, environmental and disability projects in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, León, Jerez and Orense. In addition, Carmen Diez López won a 1,000-euro prize as a customer of A million smiles, which she has donated to the Theodora Foundation.

DKV launched, together with, the "You Decide" matched crowdfunding challenge with the aim of encouraging social entities to fund health, environmental and disability projects via a crowdfunding campaign. As a novelty in this edition, the campaign was left open to all the organisations shortlisted in You decide 2018. The company committed to equalling the funds raised from the six solidarity challenges that raised most funds in the "You Decide" matched crowdfunding, up to a maximum amount of 2,000 euros each. At the end of the campaign, on 31 May, a total of twenty-four challenges were registered, raising €12,922, an amount to which DKV added €10,270.

Thanks to the donors' solidarity, DKV will contribute with €2,000 to the Hay Salida Foundation for its drug addiction treatment project; to the Lucha contra el Sida Foundation for its initiative aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of elders with HIV; to the AFA Bierzo association, which promotes self-care and active ageing in people that suffer Alzheimer; and to the Siloé Jerez association for its sexual education and prevention project. DKV will also add €1,330 to the donations obtained by the company AFAOR to finance brain stimulation workshops with elders; and, finally, €940 to the ADELA association for its project for the improvement of the quality of life of people suffering ALS.

But this solidarity does not end here, DKV raffled a €1,000 cheque among all the registered customers that donated to the You Decide matched crowdfunding to be donated to the You Decide 2018 entity of the raffle winner's choice. This raffle was carried out through the A million smiles platform. The winner of this prize draw, Carmen Beatriz Diez López, decided to donate it to the Theodora Foundation, adding it to the amount it had already raised thanks to its matched funding challenge. 

“From time to time, I donate through the A million smiles platform, because it is a way of helping the people most in need. I never thought that my small contribution would become a much larger amount! And everything thanks to the prize draw carried out by the You Decide matched crowdfunding, where €1,000 will be donated on my behalf to the Theodora Foundation. I settled on them because it was the entity to which I made my small contribution. Children are the most innocent and defenceless people and this foundation helps them make their stay in hospital more pleasant, helping them for a few minutes forget why they are there”, explains Beatriz.