DKV recognises the work of educational centres that combine education and charitable activities

On Friday, 14 December, the 11th National Meeting of Learning and Service took place at the Teatro Auditorio de Coslada in Madrid, where the Learning and Service Awards were held. DKV sponsored one of these award's categories: ‘Promotion of healthy habits and childhood obesity prevention’.

The prizes of the National Meeting of Learning and Service were awarded at this event. Learning and service is a method of work in education in which the participants, students and teachers learn content by working on the real needs of their environment, with the aim of improving it.
The company sponsored one of the categories: the promotion of healthy habits and childhood obesity prevention. In addition, it took part in the jury together with professionals from different academic disciplines and with diverse professional careers. David Camps, Marketing and Communications Director of Integralia DKV, attended the awards ceremony and was surprised by the number of candidacies, eighty-two to be exact.
"DKV supporting this initiative makes a lot of sense due to its ties with innovation, social commitment, commitment to solidarity and entrepreneurship ", says David Camps.                                                                              
1.- ‘Amigos Activos’ project, by the Valdespartera and María Moliner Schools in Aragon in Pre-primary and Primary (41 educational centres) promoting health in the environment, offering physical activity to the community and raising funds for the Familias Unidas Foundation with the aim of providing comprehensive healthcare to 500 Nicaraguan children, providing vitamin supplements, vaccines and height and weight monitoring. 
 2.- ‘Consumo justo, con sumo gusto’ project, by Secondary Education students from the Sagrado Corazón School in Pamplona (Navarre). They involved other educational levels and organised a fair trade shop, a food collection campaign and other charitable activities with the focus on the right to food and a healthy diet, collaborating with Oxfam Intermón, the Food Bank of Navarre, the Bocatas Association of Navarra and other charitable entities.
 3.- ‘Safalud’, project, by students of the Higher Level of Vocational Training in Dietetics at the Safa-Grial School in Valladolid, Castilla y León, who prepared materials, promoted activities and used resources related to the Mediterranean diet with children in Primary education and their families, with the aim of improving their eating habits and preventing childhood obesity and its associated illnesses.
Learning-service or solidarity learning and service is a method of work in education that combines service in the community in which the educational centre is rooted and the learning of curricular content, abilities and values. It combines education and solidarity, involving students in their education and making them socially responsible.
The learning-service experiences help children, adolescents and young men apply their knowledge to serving the needs of their community. Simultaneously, this solidarity action in a real context enables them to assimilate new knowledge and develop new insight for life, work and citizen participation. Ultimately, this type of experiences make a specific and quantifiable contribution to the life of a community, as well as improve the quality and inclusiveness of formal and non-formal education.
 The awards received 302 candidacies (24% more than in 2017) from schools and educational centres throughout Spain and from all educational levels.