Arteria DKV: Art and Health

A programme to encourage creativity and improve health

A way to encourage innovation and creativity in the insurance and healthcare sector as well as promote it as a value in society.

Many studies have shown the benefits of art and creativity on our well-being and DKV, as a company specialised in health insurance, has joined these two concepts through the programme ARTERIA.

Through the ARTERY programme, DKV implements different actions promoting artistic creation that are always connected to health and an improved quality of life. The programme stimulates innovation and creativity in the insurance and health care sector, in addition to advancing these concepts as common values in society.


DKV Fresh Art

An art competition aimed at secondary and vocational schools in which young people from across Spain will participate in different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, video art and graffiti.


DKV Fresh Art Kids

DKV Seguros has launched the initiative Fresh Art Kids. The project offers art workshops for children in hospital, with a view to making their stay more agreeable by giving them the chance to use their artistic skills.

"DKV: Arte y Salud" Collection

The company has acquired and temporarily lent a set of works by Valencia artists to Dénia Hospital (Alicante). Along with other initiatives, like murals in the ​​Paediatrics Department or workshops for patients, this collection makes up the "CuidArt" project, a pioneering initiative in Spain sponsored and promoted by DKV that shows the influence art has on the improvement of health and well-being.

DKV Integralia Foundation art project

Since 2011, there has been a programme by the DKV Integralia Exhibition in the centre the Foundation has in El Prat de Llobregat that conducts three annual exhibitions on disability.

"DKV Arte y Salud" Chair

Created in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia's (UPV) School of Fine Arts to promote young artists. It includes the Grand Tour grant, which gives the chance to young artists to polish their master's projects in prestigious international schools in New York (USA) and Gdanz (Poland) due a month-long all-expenses-paid stay.


The pieces from the different sections that make up the Colección DKV (paintings, drawings, photographs and installations) are exhibited nationwide in order to publicise and promote the young Spanish artists' works.

Projects in collaboration with other organisations

DKV Seguro's commitment is embodied in support to exhibition projects of particular relevance. Art as an instrument of social criticism, and supporting emerging artistic creativity are some of the strategies that benefit from collaboration with leading artists and organisations.

Contest/ART exhibition >30: is a contest for artists under the age of 30, organised by Sala Parés and Banco de Sabadell among others. DKV collaborates by taking charge of transferring the exhibition to different cities.

Peru exhibition: an exhibition of more than 100 photographs from Martín Chambi and Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, showing Peruvian culture from two moments in history and from the perspective of two different artists.

VIDAS MINADAS project: Gervasio Sánchez. This is a project by photojournalist Gervasio Sanchez designed to raise awareness that shows the reality of victims of anti-personnel mines. DKV Seguros is the main contributor to the project, which also has support from Intermon Oxfam, Manos Unidas, and Doctors Without Borders.

Other collaborations: SWAB, Estampa… Collaboration with contemporary art fairs is another channel through which DKV Seguros expresses its commitment to emerging art. This initiative has resulted in participation in the 2011 Swab and 2012 Estampa Fairs, in which a commitment was made to acquire artwork for the Colección DKV and in which a selection of DKV ARTERIA projects was exhibited.