Cátedra " DKV Arte y salud "

Realización de actividades de investigación y difusión en el ámbito del arte


The creation of the DKV Art Health Chair confirms the commitment of DKV Seguros to culture, art, and social welfare, through university research and artistic creation. The Chair is the result of a collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) since 2008. Entre sus objetivos se encuentra la realización de actividades de investigación y difusión en el ámbito del arte y la salud: contributions to the master's degree in
Art Therapy taught at the UPV; guidance of research projects, Final Master's Degree Projects, Final Degree Projects, PhD Dissertations; organisation of activities and workshops at the Dénia Marina Salud Hospital, such as the Arte en Vivo call for projects and the Biannual International Conference on Art and Healthcare. These activities are essential to discovering how art and culture can help to improve our health.

La Cátedra es además un instrumento perfecto para apoyar el arte emergente, desde el mismo período de formación de los creadores. A través de la convocatoria de becas y premios, se impulsa la trayectoria de los jóvenes artistas, facilitando su incorporación a los circuitos de exhibición. These activities include the Odone Plastic Arts Prize to promote and encourage the work of artists who research the connection between health and art. In addition, the DKV Grand Tour Grants gives young artists the opportunity to have training and production placements in New York and Poland. Finally, the DKV Fresh Art Campus is coordinated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Technical University of Valencia. The results of this research are conveyed through presentations, publications, and social networks.

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