DKV Fresh Art and DKV Fresh Art Kids


DKV Fresh Art

DKV Fresh Art is a project that was launched with the intention of promoting artistic creativity and innovation among young people. This initiative was created with the aim of promoting artistic talent among high school students and awarding those that show creative talent in a field of expression in contemporary art. 

DKV Fresh Art is participated by students between the ages of 16 and 18. A high-level jury comprised of professionals from the world of art and culture picks the 20 young artists that will have their work exhibited in Torre DKV in Zaragoza. Three overall prize winners are chosen from the participants in the exhibition. 


Fresh Art Kids

 It is a leisure-educational project in which DKV invites hospitalised children to enjoy an exciting trip through art. DKV Fresh Art Kids aims to improve the quality of life of patients between 6 and 12 years of age through the encouragement of artistic creation as a channel of communication and expression, stimulating in turn innovation and creativity.

The workshops and materials designed in DKV Fresh Art Kids are conceived around an imaginary trip through different ancient cultures. Through different craft and creative activities, the children are able to explore faraway places that will awaken their imagination, provide various learning experiences and develop their artistic skills.

At the completion of the workshop, each participant will receive a T-shirt and an artpack, which will help children continue learning at home. DKV's employees are also part of the DKV Fresh Art Kids experience as volunteers. After being trained, the company's workers may collaborate and participate actively and voluntarily in the delivery of the workshops carried out at the different hospitals.