2017 integrated corporate report

A document in favour of transparency

The integrated corporate report contains the company's economic, social and environmental performance and the most important actions of the last year to respond to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.


One of our commitments to different stakeholders is transparency in management, values ​​and commitments. The Integrated Corporate Report is one of the tools for this purpose.

A publication in which we report on our company policy, our financial results, the launch of new products and our approach to our customers, employees, brokers and suppliers.

In drawing up the report, we followed the Sustainability Reporting Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) at exhaustive 'comprehensive' level. The report is also certified by the new GRI content index service stamp, which improves transparency and usability of reports that follow GRI standards.

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B-corp certification

This year we have taken a further step towards improving its impact on society, and we have carried out a self-assessment in relation to the B-corp certification. You can see the results of the assessment in the report, which certifies the fulfilment of the requirements to join the movement of companies generating a social benefit in the world, beyond economic profits. The information provided in this survey has been reviewed by KPMG to contrast its consistency with the information verified within the framework of the Comprehensive Corporate Report.

Some figures from 2017