Quiero cuidarme Más

The most complete digital health platform, including a coach to help clients to take care of themselves


Quiero cuidarme Más is a telehealth platform launched by DKV Seguros. It is the first platform to integrate, in a single space, individual health care and healthy lifestyle features as well as telehealth tools, such as the user's medical records.

With the increase of the usage of mobile devices, we are now seeing a revolution in health care. As a result, DKV's traditional health care model is being transformed thanks to the introduction of digitised products and services and also self-care through the use of mobile tools. 

From this platform you will have access to:

Digital Doctor

A video consultation or chat with a doctor to answer any health questions at any time.

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Health Folder

With your medical reports, and automatically receive the results of lab tests.

I want to take care of myself

To calculate your Healthy Life Index (HLI) and with challenges to improve it.

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Talk to a professional who will help you to implement healthy habits.

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