Nutrition and sport

Key aspects of the sponsorship for a healthier world


DKV's value proposal is expressed as “We strive for a healthier world”, and when materialising this proposal, the company moves health to the forefront. As a result, we are invested in health care at all levels and taking everybody into account: from the health of employees to the planet's health.

Health care and promotion are at the heart of DKV's activity. As a health care company, we bring the health of our clients to the forefront, guaranteeing access to quality medicine. But beyond our activity as an insurance company, we want to become a true example of a healthy and responsible company.


The most common illnesses among the Spanish population are associated with their life style (diet, sedentariness and toxic habits, such as alcohol and tobacco, among others). This means that there are a large number of illnesses (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, obesity or stress) that can be avoided if we adopt healthy habits. And, undoubtedly, our eating habits have a decisive influence on our health and well-being.

Prevention of obesity

Obesity, and more specifically childhood obesity, has become a global epidemic, with serious current and future consequences. Two years ago we initiated #DKVapptívatea programme to prevent and reduce childhood obesity in Spain, and through this DKV Healthy Life Institute initiative we promote a better health and lifestyle for people by spreading information and providing training activities aimed at instilling healthy habits, as well as making them co-responsible agents in the care of their health.

I want to take care of myself is a tool in APP format that informs us about our Healthy living index, which is made up of nine indicators that have a decisive influence on our health. From cholesterol to the quality of sleep, including physical activity and our emotional well-being. However, the one that directly affects five of these elements is how we feed ourselves. Because at DKV we believe that knowing ourselves further is the first step to taking better care of ourselves.

Our emphasis on focusing on nutrition is due to it being the indicator that has the greatest impact on our HLI (Healthy Living Index). For this reason, we want to go one step further and, in view of the flood of information -or rather misinformation- about dieting, shed some light on the debate by providing value and clarity, explaining to people what is good and what is not, nutritionally speaking, and focusing on important topics, such as sugar, salt, etc.

Collaboration with TEDx

The collaboration with TEDx helps us generate public, relevant and interesting content for people interested in taking care of themselves. TED is an American non-profit organisation engaged in the project "Ideas worth spreading", and it has been organising outreach events since 1990 in over 180 countries in which speakers renowned in their respective field present different topics. In addition, in the digital era we have reached agreements with prominent influencers ( or Aitor Sánchez) that help us spread the message and raise awareness among the public.

  • TEDxMalagueta: our collaborator, the nutritionist Aitor Sánchez, delivered the conference “Dietarquía”

  • TEDxVitoria: workshop by Aitor Sánchez with attendees to TED Vitoria
  • TEDxMadrid

Sport sponsorship

With the willingness to promote physical activity and healthy habits in mind, especially among the youngest, we collaborate with the youth system of the basketball teams Zaragoza and Valencia Basket, as well as in different sports (basketball, swimming) in Cádiz. In addition, we remain committed to paddle tennis in the Padel Cat league, among other local sponsorship initiatives that support local sport.