Transforma programme

A programme in collaboration with Oxfam Intermon to support its projects

DKV Seguros intends to bring visibility to the actions carried out and to the most active brokers. 


Oxfam Intermon has launched the Transforma project for SMEs to get them involved funding development projects, and offers them a seal certifying their participation and the opportunity to use the programme logo in all their communications.

A company like yours can drive the economic and social progress of less developed countries.

Transforms is a project fund created for small and medium enterprises which makes it possible to promote initiatives by local organisations and producer groups in developing countries.

Besides participating in the development of a country, you'll receive recognition and other benefits resulting from your collaboration with Oxfam Intermon. You'll enjoy benefits, and also receive information materials and invitations to events like partners' assemblies or Visitas del Sur (Visits from the South).

Transforma Programme Benefits:

  • Your company's name will appear on OI's website with the rest of the collaborating SMEs.
  • You'll receive a certificate of appreciation and a sticker to place in your office or in your business, if you wish.
  • You'll have the distinctive logo showing that you belong to Transforma, which you'll be able use in your communications with suppliers and customers.
  • OI will send the tax certificate containing your contribution details for deduction (35% from corporate tax, in accordance with the legal limits in force).
  • You'll receive regular reports on the accountability of Transforma Fund projects.
  • You'll receive informative material: quarterly newsletter, e-news and OI's annual report.
  • You'll get invited to events promoted by OI, such as partners' meetings of members, Visitas del Sur (Visits from the South), and more.

For more information or to sign up to the programme: