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Go to the Quiero cuidarme Más platform for reliable, secure and convenient medical guidance.

Consult a general practitioner and online specialists

  • Included in your policy for you and your family.*

  • Avoid journeys and resolve your queries from where you are.

  • Consult a general practitioner by chat, video consultation or 24-hour phone number.

  • Ask specialists directly.


Check your symptoms

Assess your symptoms by asking simple questions.

Check-up from your computer

If you need medical assistance, make consultations from your computer

Share images and documents

Consultation on analysis results, medical reports, among other aspects.

From home

All of this from home or wherever you are, always with you.

We like to make things easy for you and we like you to take care of yourself, for this reason at DKV Health we want to offer you the chance to make virtual consultations and check your symptoms, which will provide you with expert medical guidance, in a completely private and secure way. This way you will avoid unnecessary trips and long waits.

Would you like to know more about what our users have already consulted on? Common colds, traumatology, dermatology, psychology and test results. But there are lots more things that you can ask through our online medical consultation.

Go to Quiero cuidarme Más and enjoy its advantages, designed exclusively for you.

DKV customers with a non-health insurance and non-customers can have access to limited services.


You can also pose queries through the Quiero cuidarme Más app

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Check your symptoms

Video consultation with the most requested specialities: dermatology, endocrinology and gynaecology among others, wherever you are, at the time you choose and via a secure tool. Additionally, can chat with a coach who will advise you on how to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Online Psychology

At DKV we are not only concerned about your physical health but also about your emotional one, for this reason you have the option to hold sessions with a psychologist directly from your house via your mobile device.

Digital midwife and paediatrician

We take care of you and your family by offering you the services of a digital midwife and the chance to make virtual paediatric consultations. Chat with a midwife for the first 100 days after childbirth on breastfeeding, caring for baby and your physical and psychological recovery. In addition, you can consult a paediatrician from your mobile device to resolve any queries you may have.

Health record and so much more

Access your health record to store and share all your health documents and receive the results of any tests made at the company's integrated centres. You also have access to other services such as making online appointments, your calendar, among others. Discover them!