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Download the free application DKV health insurance customer app to obtain private and safe medical guidance

Digital Doctor App. Your online doctor

  • Check your symptoms or those of a family member.
  • Online medical consultation.
  • You can send medical images and documents.
  • Also via video consultation.


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Check your symptoms for free

Assess your symptoms by answering questions on your mobile phone

Online doctor

If you need online medical assistance, hold video consultations and chats with a doctor

Medical reports

Send and receive information directly to and from your doctor

Medical condition search engine

Includes a disease search engine to obtain information


At DKV Seguros, our offer of digital services is growing, and now we present Digital Doctor (*). This app permits you to speak to a doctor by chat or via an online video service and it is also a symptom checker that will give you medical advice, privately and securely. This way you will avoid travelling and queues.

Would you like to know why the 2,000 patients that already use Digital Doctor have consulted their doctor online? Common colds, traumatology, dermatology and lab test results. But there are many other questions you can ask your online doctor.

Download it free and enjoy the advantages, designed exclusively for you, for being a DKV client. Because we like to make things easy for you, we like you to take care of your health.


Digital Doctor DKV, the application to check your symptoms


Check your symptoms

If you like, you can assess your symptoms or even those of a family member. It is very useful for situations in which you would like help in diagnosing the reasons for your symptoms.

Chat or have an online video call with your doctor

If you need online medical help from healthcare professionals, you can make an online video call. Use it when you need help from a doctor to understand your symptoms.

Send and receive images and reports

Share images and documents with practitioners, receive and download reports from your virtual queries. You will also be able to access records of your previous queries.

Integrated with Quiero Cuidarme

Digital Doctor is integrated with Quiero Cuidarme. Your common health details in both apps will be automatically synchronised. If you are still not a user of Quiero cuidarme, why not download it free of charge and check your healthy lifestyle index?

Why choose DKV?

More than 40 million customers in Europe

Thanks to you, we are a strong, leading, and respected company.

The most extensive medical directory

So you can choose from among the best specialists.

Centres and hospitals near you

to cover any need that may arise.

A Zero Co2 company

We create environmental and social value.

(*) Digital Doctor is a service managed by DKV Servicios SA, an entity entrusted with the provision and development of digital health services for persons insured by DKV Seguros y Reaseguros SAE.