The 'Now it's time to help' initiative ends successfully after contacting more than 113,000 insured persons

Now more than ever, we are reinforcing our commitment towards you



During the COVID-19 crisis, DKV has launched a plan to help families, individuals, the self-employed and businesses to face the difficult situation we are going through.

These are some of our activities:


For our employees


Maintaining the job positions and work conditions.

98% of the workforce working remotely.


Online training.

Continuous internal communication.


For our customers


Psychological support for customers admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

Assistance via WhatsApp.

Adjustment of customised cover and payment options.

Inclusion of outpatient pharmacological treatment for COVID-19.

Extension of psychological care and digital health services for all customers.

Reinforcement of medical lines, 24-hour doctor and medical consultations.



For Healthcare Professionals

DKV has joined the fund of €37 million to protect healthcare workers tackling COVID-19, driven by UNESPA.

This is the largest joint policy in history, as more than 700,000 professionals will be covered.

Digital prescription.

Psychosocial support through the initiative #NingúnSanitarioSolo.

Customised solutions for preferred providers.

Encourage remote consultation.

Accelerate payments.


For our commercial network

Support to the Call Centre channel.

COVID-19 Medialia Action.

Actions aimed at helping agents and brokers to improve their digital presence.

Aid plan for entrepreneurs of the exclusive network, branches and agencies.


For our providers

Personalised measures and guarantee of a high percentage of turnover in essential providers.

We are shortening the payment period for invoices.


For society


Telemedicine for everyone through the initiative Mé,

#NoSeniorCitizenAlone: to offer emotional and psychological support to the elderly.

#PsychologistsFightingCovid: a solidarity initiative to provide emotional and psychological support.

Web with resources, tools and advice for facing the confinement. Specially designed for families with young children.

Collection of donations equalled by DKV: # DKVconCruzRojaCOVID