Measures against Covid-19 for Renta insured persons

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 and the confinement measures taken by the Government have raised questions among our insured persons, and we are more than happy to answer them.

Am I covered in the event of sick leave due to Covid-19?

Yes, provided that you have been diagnosed by the results of laboratory tests, in accordance with the protocol established by the Ministerio de Sanidad.

Am I covered due to quarantine?

No, preventive home isolation due to a risk of illness resulting from a case of studying and controlling a possible Covid-19 infection by exposure or close contact is not an illness and, therefore, is not covered by the policy. In these cases of preventive isolation, if there are medically justified clinical symptoms or if the diagnosis is subsequently confirmed by the results of laboratory tests, the right to receive the daily compensation will start on the date it was confirmed.

Am I covered due to hospitalisation?

Yes, provided that the causes are covered by the policy, including Covid-19.

Am I covered due to temporary disability?

Yes, if it has been taken out.