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Mutual societies: Electronic prescriptions for all mutual society members

In January 2018, an agreement was signed between the Social Security and mutual societies that will allow all mutual society members to be registered in the National Health System

Mutual society members can change private insurer or return to the public health system. They can also do this in the opposite sense within the system of healthcare for civil servants.

We will look at the following points relating to this:

  1. Joining of the Social Security Institute and of Muface databases
  2. Changing to public health or new insurer and vice versa
  3. The public health card

Joining of the Social Security Institute and Muface databases, and electronic prescriptions

At the beginning of this year, in January, the databases of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and of the civil mutual society MUFACE were joined, so that all mutual society members will be registered in the National Health System database, including the percentage of beneficiaries (around 80%) that have chosen private cover.

This means that electronic prescriptions are now available throughout the territory for mutual society beneficiaries (both civil and military).

This MUFACE promotional plan is primarily aimed at making electronic prescriptions available to all mutual society members. This service is forecast to come into widespread use during 2018 for people who are in the public health system and in 2019 for those who have opted for private cover.

Changing to public health or new insurer and vice versa

The arrangement also foresees the option of changing to the public health system for mutual society members for the first time in two regular periods, January and June, in the sense established in the Muface Healthcare Agreement.

Specifically, up to July 2, as June 30 is not a working day, mutual society members and beneficiaries have the option of either choosing a new insurer or integrating themselves into the Public Health System -and vice versa, according to that established in the Agreement of 2018-2019, which, as we have mentioned, contemplates two regular change periods (January and June).

To change mutual society, the member must present, together with their application (Application form for change of organisation), their Membership Document or, where applicable, an adapted Membership Document, to be substituted in their Provincial Service or the closest MUFACE office.

They can also make this change via the internet. If they have a digital certificate or electronic ID card they can effect the change (making sure they know their Social Security number) in the MUFACE E-Office or gaining access through the Cl@ve platform.

This entire process uses modern technology, streamlining the verification of the beneficiary's information, and avoiding duplicity.

The public health card

Lastly, the agreement establishes that mutual society members who have opted for public health will be registered as insured within the public system, with the right to receive the corresponding health card from the autonomous community where they are resident, and guaranteed free access to this healthcare network.

The agreements were signed by the Managing Director of the INSS, Paula Roch, the Managing Director of MUFACE, Antonio Sánchez, and the general secretary for ISFAS, María Soledad Álvarez de Miranda.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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