Here are the medical centres and healthcare professionals we have added to our medical directory for mutual society members in Barcelona

This year, we have extended our medical directory of healthcare professionals and centres in the province of Barcelona by more than 2,000 new service points. Access to our medical services is now even easier and makes DKV the most comprehensive health insurance provider in the market.

Mutual Society Members Medical Directory Barcelona

See the new medical centres you can visit just for being a mutual society member

Barcelona capital

  • Clínica Sagrada Familia
  • Clínica Mi Tres Torres
  • Clínica Corachán
  • Clínica Ntra. Sra. del Remei
  • Hospital HM Delfos


  • Centre Mèdic GEMA Clínica
  • Gineobstètrics
  • Meditrauma
  • Activita Centre Mèdic

Baix Llobregat

  • Centre Mèdic Castelldefels
  • MIPS Fundació Privada
  • Centre Mèdic Fedear


  • Brugues asistencial
  • Policlínic Torreblanca
  • Policlínic Torreblanca - Grup Policlínic
  • Centre Sanitari Can Mora
  • Àptima Centre Clínic

We have also extended the medical directory in the specialities that most matter to you

  • Specialist and emergency consultations
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Paediatrics
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Diagnostics and Analytics
  • Study and treatment of allergies



And, if you would like to enjoy better coverage, we can offer you the advantages of MAS SALUD: 

1. With extended reimbursement coverage

  • Limits on primary care consultations: €40 (before €20)
  • Limit on specialist consultations: €80 (before €40)
  • Increase in the overall limit to €30,000 (before €10,000)
  • Maintaining the 50% reimbursement percentage

2. Reimbursement in pharmaceutical costs, with the following limits:

Reimbursement of 50% in Spain and abroad. Maximum limit €200/year. 

3. In addition to the professionals included in the extended Medical Directory, you will have access to other exclusive centres:

  • Hospital Universitari Dexeus (Quirónsalud Group) 
  • Clínica Creu Blanca
  • Dexeus Women’s Health
  • Dexeus Paediatrics and paediatric specialties
  • Ophthalmological centres, such as IOB (Instituto Oftalmológico Barcelona), ICO (Instituto Condal Oftalmología) and ICR (Institut Català de la Retina)

Being a DKV mutual society member means having everything within your reach to take care of yourself

Can you imagine visiting the doctor without leaving your home?

With the Digital Doctor App, you can have a video consultation with a medical specialist from anywhere you like.

Does your child have a temperature and you don't know what to do?

Before going to the doctor, call the DKV 24-hour medical line for quick and reassuring medical advice.

Is there an emergency and you need a doctor?

The DKV app helps you find the best doctor or medical centre by geolocation.

And you will also have access to the Quiero cuidarme Más digital health platform

  • Quiero Cuidarme Discover and improve your Healthy Lifestyle Index (HLI)
  • Digital Doctor App for online video consultations
  • Online appointment From your mobile through the Private Customer Area
  • Health folder> See your test results and medical reports
  • Health diary Record your medical appointments and other health activities
  • Health coach and Digital midwife

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If you are a mutual society member, DKV will always be your best choice to take care of your health.