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Change of entity

The change of entity can be carried out ordinarily in January and June or outside the ordinary period.

We will address the ordinary and extraordinary changes and the procedure followed to change Entity

Ordinary change

Carried out in January and June. During these months, the mutual society members and beneficiaries with a document equivalent to the Registration document and adhered to the INSS (Spanish Public Health System) or the Healthcare insurance entities, can request a change of Entity once in each ordinary period of change.

In each ordinary period, only one change is valid and those holders that do not request a change will continue adhered to the same Entity that they were adhered to at 31 December or, where applicable, 31 May of each year.

Extraordinary change

A change outside the ordinary period and an extraordinary change to the INSS are possible

Change outside the ordinary period

A change of Healthcare insurance entity or adherence to the Public Health System can be authorised outside the ordinary period:

  • When the active mutual society member changes destination including a transfer to another province or island.
  • When maintaining the destination, the mutual society member changes his residence to another province or island.
  • When there is a change of address, involving a change of province or island of residence, and it is a retired mutual society member beneficiary that is in this situation due to death, separation, divorce or nullity of the mutual society member's marriage and has a document equivalent to registration issued by MUFACE. This right can be exercised only once each year.
  • When the mutual society member obtains the conformity in writing from the affected Entities. This case includes the change to any insurance entity from the public health service, but not the opposite, which is regulated in subsection 2.2 below.
  • When the mutual society member is included in the group protected by the Agreement in Spain after his right to protection by the Healthcare Agreement for mutual society members stationed and/or residing abroad expires, provided that this expiration is not linked to losing his status as mutual society member.
  • When, due to objective circumstances that justify the change of several members affected by a same healthcare problem, the Directorate General of MUFACE agrees to open a special period for selecting Entities, including, where appropriate, the INSS.

Extraordinary change to the INSS.

When the mutual society member requests it for reasons of medical-hospital care and is approved by a joint committee formed by MUFACE and the Social Security. In this case, together with the application, the mutual society member must provide a medical report that specifies the diagnosis of the pathology suffered by him or any of his beneficiaries and the reasons that advise the treatment at a Public Healthcare Centre. In addition, it must expressly include that he assumes the obligation of remaining two years adhered to the INSS if the change is granted.

Procedure to change Entity

To change Entity, the mutual society member must present, together with his application, his Membership Document or, where applicable, as similar document to the Membership Document, to be substituted in his Provincial Service or the closest MUFACE office.

Application form for change of Entity

Using the means of access provided by the Cl@ve platform (link is external) (digital certificate, electronic Spanish ID number, permanent keys and Cl@ve (link sends e-mail) PIN) and via MUFACE's e-Office (link is external) you can make ordinary changes between Private Healthcare Insurance Entities, as well as to the Spanish Public Health System, in order to receive healthcare through the Public Healthcare Services of your Autonomous Community of residence.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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